The Game Threatens Everyday Struggle Host Star Over Disrespectful Comments

“I’d probably break his jaw in a hundred million places.”

One does not climb to the pinnacle of hip-hop stardom without making a few enemies. The Game is no stranger to the principle; unlike many of his contemporaries, however, Game can come at you from two angles. Either he’ll hit you with hundreds upon hundreds of bars, or he’ll straight up fight you. From G-Unit to 40 Glocc, anybody can get it. Yet Game’s shit-list is not strictly limited to the hip-hop game. The Compton legend previously made enemies with The Hater himself, Everyday Struggle host Star.

On a recent episode of Everyday Struggle, an interesting question was raised: which West Coast rapper passed the torch to Kendrick Lamar. When Ak responded with a resounding “Game”, Star was unconvinced. “Game had lyric?” said the Hater, living up to his self-styled moniker. “Game had rhyme quotables? Look me in my face, are you serious?” Akademiks proceeded to ride for Game, but Star was undeterred. He proceeded to clown on Game, taking him down at every opportunity.


After Game watched the clip unfold, he alluded to their previous beef. “[Star] was talking some crazy stuff about DJ Envy’s daughter or something, and I had defended him and he tried to sue me or some shit,” said Game, during an interview with 16 Bars TV. “Everybody’s entitled to their opinion. If he don’t feel like I passed anybody the torch or I don’t have any quotables or I never had lyrics, that’s his opinion. As far as him saying it on, you know, a show with cameras and far away from Game’s face is another thing. He wouldn’t say that to my face, cause I’d probably break his jaw in a hundred million places.”

Clearly, Game is not one to be disrespected. And how could anybody dispute Game’s status as a West Coast icon? The man’s discography is ridiculous. Check the interview below; Star talk kicks off at 7:25.


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