The Game Looking Swole AF In Latest Gym Pic

The Game shares photo of him in the gym looking JACKED.

It appears to be a tough time in The Game’s personal life at the moment. A few weeks ago, the Los Angeles rapper lost his father at the age of only 65, and he’s been mourning his loss ever since. “I lost my father,” The Game shared on IG. “I can’t sleep. Just a few days ago, about short of a week. All these feelings inside. I cannot explain how there’s so much love and it turned into all this pain. I locked myself in the house. Guess I needed my space.”

Well it appears The Game didn’t just lock himself in the house, but also the gym as well. On Monday night, the Los Angeles Confidential hopped on Instagram and shared a picture of himself in the gym, and my God does he look absolutely huge.


Rockin’ a skinny tank and sitting at the bench press, The Game revealed that he’s kicking off a new workout series Monday, although he looks like he’s already been doing it lol. “One day at a time my mama said…. you are your fathers son. #MondayMotivation #Day1 #60DaysOfFitness #RestEasyDad,” he captioned the post.

Everything from his traps & neck to his chest & shoulders, the Game appears to be gaining muscle mass in just about every area of his upper body lately.

Check out The Game’s swole AF pic (below) and look out for new music to be on the way.



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