Swae Lee Is Convinced He Saw Aliens Over L.A.

Watch the Rae Sremmurd rapper take in the airborne event that had Los Angeles crying UFO Friday night.

A strange object swept over the night sky in L.A. Friday night, leaving many residents of the city wondering if they were witnessing a UFO, Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee included. It turns out, it was all part of an organized rocket launch by SpaceX, but even with that knowledge, Swae and many others weren’t convinced.

In a clip posted to the Rae Sremmurd Twitter account, Swae Lee reports live from the scene. “Bro, look at this shit in the sky, bro. It was some lights coming out this shit. Some shit fell down and hit the earth, bro. Look at this shit.”
When a woman offscreen asks, “Did we just see an alien?,” Swae replies, “I think we did, bro… That shit was fucking nuts.”


After learning of the news of the SpaceX launch, Swae still had some questions. “So I’m sitting here, smoking this blunt, eating these soggy fruity pebbles, and I was thinking about those aliens, bro,” he said. “If that was a satellite, don’t you think they would have given you a warning? They ain’t know that shit was about to come, stay woke. Don’t believe the hype.” Technically, there was some warning if you knew where to look, but still, makes ya think.

The Rae Sremmurd Twitter account echoed Swae’s thoughts. “So they launched it without warning? Nah those were aliens don’t believe the hype,” reads a tweet from Friday night. “back to work on sremmlife 3.”

Speaking of SremmLife 3, the duo has announced that the album will be released in January 2018. They performed three songs from the upcoming album at the recent SoCal Rolling Loud festival.

Check out some more clips of the “UFO” below. In the words of Swae, “Stay Woke.”






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