Stormy Daniels Advises Kylie Jenner That Girls Named Stormi Are “Trouble”

Apparently it comes with the name.

Stormy Daniels, who has recently made headlines for her involvement (or lack thereof) with President Donald Trump, has some sage words of advice for new mother Kylie Jenner, who also named her child Stormi. Speaking with paparazzi, the adult film entertainer cautions Jenner and boyfriend Travis Scott that their newborn will be quite the handful, and the evidence is in her name.

When asked by a shutterbug about the name, Daniels admits that she’s pretty sure its a coincidence that the two are both named Stormy, save for different iterations. The actress cheekily reveals that she’s not pretentious enough to assume that Jenner and Scott were inspired by her prolific work in adult entertainment to name their child in honour of her.

Daniels then congratulates the pair on the arrival of their first daughter together, but advises the couple to “hang on to your heart, because little girls named Stormi are known to cause trouble.” Daniels was then asked if she had any other advice for the newborn, jokingly admitting how “it’s a tough name to live up to, I hope you’re fierce.”

After months of secrecy and hiding from the public gaze, Kylie Jenner made her return to the spotlight in the most newsworthy way, by revealing that she indeed was pregnant with her first child. Stormi was born on February 1, and ended months of speculative gossip aimed squarely at the youngest Jenner.

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