Stogie T Reply Nasty C Calling Him A ‘Joe Budden’ To SA Hip Hop


Calling Him A ‘’ To SA Hip Hop: is a standout amongst the most powerful voices in Hip Hop and has turned into a voice that is known to be somewhat unpleasant.

as of late met Nasty C on V-Entertainment where he talked about how the neighborhood Hip Hop diversion has been erosion between the new school and old fashioned. named Joe Budden and Pusha-T as a portion of the general population who realized the grinding and was told by Nasty how he was the nearby Hip Hop amusements Joe Budden.


“Those sort of examinations right, some of the time are uncalled for and only sort of lost,” said Stogie T. He at that point proceeded to talk on how observing the type of the whole class change makes the more seasoned age in the diversion uneasy as they think that its elusive a place.

He at that point proceeded to state “When you express what you know as your qualities, it falls off as I don’t regard one, I don’t esteem two and I don’t see three you fellows, do you know what I mean? What’s more, I surmise that is not generally thee case.”