Soulja Boy Says Woman Accusing Him Of Kidnapping Is A Liar: Report

Soulja Boy Says Woman Accusing Him Of Kidnapping Is A Liar Report

If you missed it yesterday, reports surfaced online saying that a woman connected to Soulja Boy filed a police report alleging the SODGM rapper of hitting and kidnapping her in his garage at his Agoura Hills home last Friday. A source to the woman claimed, “he punched and kicked her while she was on the ground, and then took her inside the garage and tied her to a chair with an extension cord.”

However, sources connected to Soulja Boy told TMZ that her story is completely fabricated, and it’s a just a scornful ex trying to seek revenge. Apparently the real story is that Soulja had been dating the woman, named Kayla, but ended the relationship, and she was livid. They say Kayla came to Soulja’s house on Friday night heavily under the influence, and crashed her car in his driveway. Soulja’s manager then went outside and apparently told Kayla that she had to leave and wasn’t welcomed. Instead of listening, Kayla attacked the manager and the two began fighting, and that’s where she sustained her injuries (not from Soulja).

Sources say Soulja didn’t go outside his house and never even saw Kayla. His people are calling Kayla’s allegations “100% fabricated.”

The police are currently still investigating the report, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.