Rodney King’s Daughter Pens Open Letter Praising Eminem’s “Untouchable”

Eminem’s “Untouchable” has resonated with Rodney King’s daughter.

After dropping on December 15th, Eminem’s Revival continues to resonate with some fans, while straight up angering others. Our review reveals an audience divided, with Em’s latest project sitting at a forty-eight percent User Rating; for some context, that’s among the lowest user scores I’ve seen all year, with perhaps only Lil Pump’s eponymous project sitting lower. Suffice it to say, Revival has left fans divided, as many of Eminem’s albums have. Yet there is one person who has been particularly touched by Marshall’s message, particularly that of single “Untouchable.”
Rodney King’s middle daughter, Lora Dene King, recently penned an open letter to the rapper, thanking him for sharing his message on the politically charged song. It should be noted that Em references her father in the song, rapping “We done seen ’em beat Rodney King unconscious, and got off, So we don’t need all you crooked police officers’ peace offerings.”
In an interview with Billboard, Lora King – founder of the Rodney King Foundation for Social Justice and Human Rights – explains her motivations behind thanking Marshall, stating ““I decided to write this letter to Eminem because it takes heart to speak about this subject that so many people overlook. I wrote it because his song gives people like myself hope. It’s not just this song that inspires me [but] his music period! He speaks for the hurt that people sometimes suppress in order to deal with society. The details in this song let me know just how much he cares. I wanted him to know that I appreciate him writing it.”