Rick Ross Posts A Veritable Workout “Thirst Trap” On Leg Day

Rick Ross doesn’t really embody any of the variables instrumentalized by the Fitness World. But when it comes to catching wreck in the gym, Rozay gives it his all, and then some. When Rozay picked up a row of dumbbells yesterday, he did it under the tight supervision of a personal trainer overseeing his every movement.

Just yesterday, Rick Ross posted a short video of his fitness regimen, containing all the comedic elements you’d expect from a person of his stature (and goody nature).

Rick Ross is seemingly pleased with his current condition. As you can see, Rozay is finding results easy-to-come-by so long with a dumbbell designed to keep him alive and well. In the (above) video, Rozay celebrates the completion of his set by flexing his pectorals to the camera – after which he lifts his pant leg, producing a slighter-than-you-thought calf, and blotches of semi-permanent tattoo ink (or leg-hair IDK?).

After a brief delay, both Rozay and his trainer turn their attention to a medicine ball, designed to bridge his upper and lower core. Videos like this exist if only to assuage nettlesome fans worried about his condition. It wasn’t so long ago that Rick Rozay was holed up in triage after experiencing cardiac homeostasis. All the power to you Mr. Bossman, the gym-flow looks hella fluid.