Rich The Kid Still Flexing With His Heavily-Wrapped Injured Hand

With an album coming out later this month, Rich The Kid is trying to be as positive as he can despite all the physical pain he’s going through. Earlier this week, he was involved in a UTV accident where he badly injured his hand. It’s not the first time Rich continued to work through the pain after spending time in the hospital. You may recall how he survived a home invasion in early 2018, ending up in medical care for a few days. With his work ethic, Rich knows that there’s money out there to be made and he’s not about to let his injured hand get in the way of things. He may only be able to grab one fistful of cash but rest assured, he’s still flexing out here.


Roger Kisby/Getty Images

The rapper posted up in his backyard as he showed off his heavily-wrapped left hand, which appears to have some ice underneath. Not jewelry ice, ice ice. The other arm has enough ice (of the jewelry variety) to make up for the lack of bling on his left side. “Oh you rich rich?” captioned the artist.

RTK had previously announced that The World Is Yours 2 would be coming out on January 18, teasing features from J. Cole and Travis Scott on the sequel. It’s unclear whether that’s still the plan but Rich has continued to tease the album for an imminent release. Are you looking forward to it?


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