Rashaun Williams Praises 2 Chainz’s Aptitude As A Businessman

2 Chainz is building himself a multifaceted empire.

2 Chainz is primarily known as a rapper, with his latest album, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, doing incredibly well with music consumers in 2017. His supporting tour was a rousing success as well, despite the fact that he performed most of those shows in a wheelchair. However, spitting bars isn’t the only thing Chainz does well – in fact, he’s becoming more and more respected for his business acumen.


In a long Instagram post, venture capitalist Rashaun Williams wrote about how impressive the Georgia rapper’s moneymaking empire is becoming. Check out an excerpt below:

“Most of you only know [2 Chainz] as a rapper but there isn’t a businessman with a more diverse revenue stream I know of other than this guy! He can make 7 figures from every single venture […] Here is the key: he was REALLY good at one thing (rapping) and used that platform to build over a dozen things he owns. And in order to make room for more he gives back. For anyone looking to make moves like this read Jim Collins’ ‘Built To Last’ or ‘Good To Great’ where he talks about the magnificence of the “and” and how the best businesses are always preserving their core AND finding innovation or new businesses to stay alive. Don’t be distracted with 10 things if you aren’t excellent at ONE main thing first. Shout out to all those hustling!!”


Humbled by the words, 2 Chainz reposted part of the caption as well, using the hashtag #BlackExcellence in the process. From one investor to another, it looks like Tity Boi has his business game on lockdown.

Which non-music business venture started by a rapper do you think is most impressive? Let us know in the comments.

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