Pretty Mike Buys Himself A Sex Doll As Birthday Gift

Controversial Nigerian socialite has just bought for himself a as a .

The club owner took to his Instagram page to post a photo and a video of himself cuddling the he described as a comforter, companion and someone that never disappoints.

He wrote:

A lot of people describe her as a sex doll but to me she is more of a companion, comforter and someone that never disappoints 😍😍😘 #BirthdayGiftToMySelf 💦


In their reaction to the controversial , his fans have this to say:

Oga mike you don carry better stew wey get sauce to shock them make all of them deyyyyyyyyy” danwizy001 wrote

Another use claimed the item can never fill the void a woman leaves in the life of a man. According to him, the sex doll can never be a total replacement to the pleasure that a woman gives.

That thing can’t replace the place of a real woman in your life! No matter how hard you guys try it will never ever work. Stop insulting women abeg😏😏

And surprisingly some even wanted to know how much the item cost the Lagos socialite.


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