Peruzzi vs Teniola! Who Do You Think Deserve The Headies Next Rated Award?

Over the years, the headies next rated award has been the most anticipated award in the annual headies award not only because of controversies surrounded but also people are always eager o see the next big thing in the music phase of the country.

In the year 2018, the two new acts that has been bursting the brains of fans are and , they have proven it to all and sundry that either of them deserves the headies next rated award.

who is known for his huge contribution in the mega hit by 2baba “AMAKA” has not stepped down since then, he has since been featured on many other hits including his own recent project, “TWISTED” that featured his record label boss DAVIDO which is still making air waves till now.


on the other hand is a blessed vocalist who has refused to step down since her breakthrough on the “FARGIN” freestyle that went viral on Instagram few months ago. Even though she beat her arch-rival, Peruzzi on the Rookie Of The Year award in the last headies but her deliveries are superb and is making hr the favorite of the next rated award.

As a lover of great music in Nigeria who has been following the two since the beginning, the question below is for you

Peruzzi VS Teniola, Who Do You Think Deserve The Headies Next Rated Award?
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