Patoranking Schools Mr Eazi On History Of Nigerian-Ghanaian Music

Mr Eazi is catching a lot of flak over his comment that Nigerian musicians are now adopting his style of music for quick hits. The comment moved Runtown to give the ‘Leg Over’ crooner a clap back. Patoranking is the latest Nigerian colleague to lash out at Mr Eazi for dare saying he brought the Ghanaian influence on the Nigerian music scene.

In a recent interview on Cool FM Lagos ‘Girlie O‘ crooner talked about his venture to Ghana in search of greener pastures and also weighed in on the influence of Ghanaian sound on Nigerian music.

Patoranking said, “

Nigerians are very powerful people and if they like your song, you are likely to be a success in Africa. There was a point in my life that I travelled to Ghana in search of greener pastures but I ended up trekking and sleeping on the streets. I decided to come back to Nigeria. Then I released ‘Alubarika’ and ‘Girlie O.’ Both songs were a hit and in no time, I was invited to perform in Ghana, Kumasi Stadium to be precise. When they came to pick me, I counted the number of cars and it was 13. I was very surprised but was grateful to God.”

He also disagreed on Mr Eazi’s claim of introducing Nigerians to the Ghanaian sound.

We have been having this cultural exchange with Ghana way back since the time Tuface sang ‘My love’ which featured VIP from Ghana. Tic Tac and Tony Tetuila sang ‘Fefe ne efe.’ The musical cultural exchange between Nigeria and Ghana has been going on even before I finished secondary school. It is false for Mr. Eazi to say he started that style of music because he did not help me sing my hit song, ‘My Woman.’ I did it myself and the song is a global hit song. It is the biggest afrobeat song in the Caribbean. I do not agree with his statement. It is wrong.”