Omarion Comments On “You Got Served” Sequel & Shares On-Set Memories

Omarion Comments On You Got Served Sequel & Shares On-Set Memories

J Boog surprised fans today by announcing that B2K’s 2004 movie is set up for a sequel. He hopped on social media to inform his following of the upcoming You Got Served production. This comes after Omarion’s appearance on ET Live during which an interviewer asked him about the prospect of shooting another installment of the dance movie. Omarion might have been playing coy at the time, but he seemed surprised to be engaging on the topic.

“I think it would be really dope to do a ‘You Got Served’ continuum,” he said. “I wouldn’t be opposed to it!” He then acknowledged the influence the film had on their fans. Its success is evident in the fact that it grossed close to $50,000,000 worldwide. The entertainer concluded that he could not think of any reason that would stop the crew from coming together again.


Omarion went on to share some of the memories he cherishes from the experience. “That experience was so indelible to me as a creative artist because I got to really meet people that dance for life,” he said. “Everyone has different backgrounds, and that was the first time that I was able to just really be a sponge as a performer.”

Since B2K is heading on tour, their dance moves can still pop onscreen, according to O. View the full interview below.


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