Offset’s Mistress Summer Bunni Retracts Her Apology To Cardi B

Offset’s Mistress Summer Bunni Retracts Her Apology To Cardi B: CardiB and Offset’s relationship suffered from his alleged involvement with other women. An aspiring artist named Summer Bunni issued an apology to Cardi in the form of a video after being identified as the mistress. Bunni is now back peddling and has stated her decision to retract her “sorry.” During an interview with J. Cruz and the Power 106 crew, Bunni seemed to regret her initial inclination to show remorse.

“I just want to set the record straight about the apology video. At this time, I really just take the apology back. ” When asked whether other industry figures have shown any love to her, Bunni became emotional as she claimed that “nobody” has been supportive.

“My feelings be hurt, she said as the waterworks started flowing. It sucks […] It’s not fair to me. I just feel like the whole world is against me. I’m so strong. I’m so sorry I’m breaking down.”

Those who commented on the radio interview snippet seemed annoyed with her character. Even Rich Dollaz chimed in, writing, “Only in America can you get a fake apology tour shits crazy literally the fake apology then the record now the promo tour.”This interview comes after the release of Summer Bunni’s diss track called “Don’t Matter” seemingly aimed towards Offset. The track, in combination with her non-apology, sent mixed signals as she sings, “I’m the one that you really need.”