Offset Dons Surgical Mask Upon Release From Hospital After Car Crash

Offset thanks God that he is still alive after a scary car accident.

When leaving the hospital after a major car accident, many opt to wear sweatpants and a hoodie. The outfit is usually an afterthought as long as it’s comfortable. When you’re a member of the Migos, you’re always dripping and there is no exception for Offset after leaving the hospital following his scary car crash. While it would be completely understandable for Offset to take a day off of saucing on everybody in the most expensive high-fashion brands available, the rapper made himself comfortable in the only version of “sweats and a hoodie” that he knows: Gucci’d down with a fistful of cash.While it isn’t as glamorous as we’re making it out to be, the “Ric Flair Drip” artist wore a surgical mask over his mouth with notable amounts of wrapping around his left wrist and hand. The rapper awaited his ride upon his release from the medical facility and, after detailing the extent of his damages through several photos, it’s nice to see he’s headed back home. His caption is thankful as ever, once again attributing his survival of the accident to the man upstairs, writing, “I M S T I L L H E R E T H A N K G OD.”Hopefully, Offset can recover from this quickly as his fiancée is expecting a baby in the coming months and his group, the Migos, are slated to join Drake on tour in late July.

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