O.T. Genasis & Malika Haqq May Very Well Be Back Together

O.T. & Malika linked back up quick.

If there’s one thing we should know by now it’s that a lot of celeb couples have on-and-off moments. One day they could be together, while the next they could be broken up and boasting about it on Instagram (Blac & YBN). Another thing we’ve learned is that an Instagram post alluding at a break-up or even infidelity, may not be true – or it might and it’s not of our business. This last point is in relation to O.T. Genasis and Malika Haqq who really seemed like they broke up, but according to a new pic, they may very well still be together.


At the top of the week, Malika shared a photo to Instagram with a caption that read: “Love doesn’t fail, people do,”  detailing how being vulnerable can lead to serious heartbreak. Her comment section was blowing up with people telling her to move from O.T. and that she can do better. Only three days later, a photo shows the two leaving a club in West Hollywood hand in hand. Maybe O.T. was trying to help her clear out quick, but we’re pretty sure no gyal holds her exes hand like that.

Take a look for yourself:



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