Ntsika Ngxanga Reveals His Earnings

There is so much money in the music business

The Soil is one of the biggest bands in South Africa, the acapella trio has travelled all around the world and they have performed on big stages while raking in a ton of money.

In an interview on Metro FM, Ntsika opened about the money they were making in the beginning, “We are making a lot of money. The trick is how you maintain it. I remember just after 2012 when we really started racking it up. In a month, individually, we would have no less than R350,000 a month as a salary. You are talking about kids here who just came from varsity and came from Soweto, which is a place where we didn’t have a lot of money and we were starting to make money our parents couldn’t even dream about,”


He then went on to say that he had to learn the value of money, “I was still renting a flat. Come December, my main account had R308,000 in it and I remember partying up a storm. When the 30 days elapsed I woke up with like R7,000. It was tax season as well. With tax they don’t calculate what you now have they calculate what you always had, and I was found wanting. I had to now borrow from my brother and I realised this is not the life,” he added.