Nick Cannon & Former “Wild ‘N Out” Member Karlous Miller Squash Beef

Nick Cannon & Former Wild 'N Out Member Karlous Miller Squash Beef

& Former “Wild ‘N Out” Member Squash Beef

’s beef with his former Wild ‘N Out castmate has reportedly come to an end. In case you missed it, previously insinuated that he was fired from the hit MTV show because he made a few jokes about Cannon’s ex-wife Mariah Carey. In an interview, Karlous stated that he was possibly given the boot for getting on Cannon’s bad side, but Cannon insisted he had nothing to do with Karlous getting the ax. Since that time, things have been tense between the two, but it looks as if all has been made right between them.

Cannon shocked his Wild ‘N Out audience and cast members by bringing out a surprise guest that was none other than Karlous, a move that many never believed would happen. Cannon welcomed Karlous back to the stage with open arms and the two engaged in a light-hearted battle rap to poke fun at the moment.


“Me and Nick actually had a long talk after The Breakfast Club and I guess it was just a talk that needed to be had because it was like, ‘Nah, this is not what I said or what I represent,'” Karlous told TMZ. “There was just a break down in the communication, and once we opened the communication back up, everything was kosher, baby. And that’s how I ended up being the surprise guest. Because after our talk, me and him discussed it, and he was like ‘You can come back and do whatever you want.'”

“Man, Nick is forever family,” Karlous added. “Me and Nick will always be good. That man gave me so many opportunities and helped me create a better life for myself. I would never have any hard feelings against Nick or anything he has going on. He’s incredible family.”