Netherland Prime Minister Mark Rutte Rides A Bike To Work

Prime Minister Mark Rutte has received accolades on social media always doing this unusual thing – The prime minister rides bicycle to work everyday – Many noted that some politicians in other countries move around in grand style – They hailed the prime minister for being a humble person Mark Rutte, the prime minister of Netherlands has received much accolades on social media for being a humble politician who inspires many. The prime minister is said to ride his bicycle to work everyday.

The 51-year-old who was born on February 14, 1967, assumed office on October 14, 2010. Rutte who ran on the platform of the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, also teaches in a school once a week. Twitter users have shared photos of the prime minister riding his bicycle to work as they praise his humility. The microblogging platform users expressed that the prime minister embodies humility. They also compared Rutte to politicians in other countries, noting that many public servants move around in grand style.



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