Miley Cyrus Slapped With $300 Million Lawsuit For Copyright Infringement

Miley Cyrus isn’t done yet receiving flack for “We Can’t Stop.”

Miley Cyrus, hip hop’s foremost unwanted guest, is in the legal deep end over an alleged copyright infringement associated with her hit record “We Can’t Stop.”

“We Can’t Stop” continues to be the bane of her existence as an artist of merit. For those who believe she was unfairly crucified for the song or the song’s performance, they should pay close attention to this legal case, in which her desecration of low culture goes on without a hitch.


The lawsuit filed by Jamaican songwriter Michael May, claims that 50 percent of “We Can’t Stop” is derived from his record “We Run Things.” Reps for Michael May who performs as Flourgon claim that “We Can’t Stop” “owes the basis of its chart-topping popularity to and its highly-lucrative success to plaintiff May’s protected, unique, creative and original content.”

May is seeking a halt to all future sales or performances of “We Can’t Stop,” as well as a list of demands equaling upwards of $300 million.

Even though I want Miley Cyrus to face the consequences of all her questionable antics, especially after she suggested that “hip hop was too vulgar,” I can’t wholeheartedly say that the two songs bear any resemblance at all.



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