Mike WiLL & Trouble Label T.I. The Inventor Of Trap

Mike WiLL Made-It and his new protege Trouble have now cemented their partnership, as the rapper is fully invested for once. The rapper and producer made an appearance together on the Breakfast Club this morning in support of their album Edgewood, where they discussed a range of topics pertaining to the local scene in Atlanta.

Charlamagne brought up the contentious argument of who invented trap music, and to my surprise Trouble sided with T.I. over Gucci Mane. Trouble argued that “TIP set that shit in stone” in spite of greater traction achieved by Gucci through his use of the nomenclature and subgenre’s main motifs.

“Nothing but gettin’ off and gettin’ in.” was one descriptor for T.I.’s early trap aesthetic.

Mike WiLL Made-It and Trouble agreed on an order of conveyance for the trap genre, stating that the movement began with T.I. with Jeezy and Gucci crashing the gate around the same time several years later. For what it’s worth, they both seemed to rate Gucci in higher esteem. Trouble’s taste in hip hop lies in the rapper’s ability to weave a story around a topic.