Mike Epps Facing Idea-Stealing Allegations Over His New TV Project

Mike Epps may have blatantly lifted someone else’s idea for a new TV show.

The stealing of ideas, for businesses or creative products alike, has been a part of the money making activities of individuals the world over for many years. Sometimes it ends in court battle, sometimes it ends in settlements and bitter breakups; now, that group of people supposed to be the perpetrators of such acts includes the name of Mike Epps, who is being accused of lifting the idea of a TV show that he recently got greenlit from three other producers.
According to TMZ, Calvin Valrie, LaMichael Finney and Bervick J. Deculus have combined and, using their respective lawyers, sent a cease and desist letter to Epps’ reps, claiming the show Mike’s currently executive producing called Social Awards, is very similar to a show that they previously pitched to Epp’s cousin called Social Media Wars. Apparently, the producers never heard back from Epps and “were blindsided” when the news broke a few weeks ago that BET would be airing Epps’ version of the program next year.

The three men are reportedly still willing to work with Epps, but they wanted to sell the show to FOX instead. The producers have handed down an ultimatum, as per their legal docs: cooperate by the end of the week, or else. It doesn’t sound like Epps will be undoing his deal with BET in that short a time frame, meaning that this is a battle that could get testy rather quickly. So far, the comedian hasn’t commented publicly on the allegations.
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