Michael B. Jordan & Margot Robbie Reflect On Shooting “In the Nude”

Michael B. Jordan and Margot Robbie talk about what it’s like to act in the nude, while an entire production crew watches their every move.

Michael B. Jordan and Margot Robbie are both idealized as sex symbols in the eyes of their adoring fans. Michael B. Jordan ascension to sex symbol status has seen him measure up Vanity Joe’s who spend way more time fancying about their appearance. His effortless charm is probably what endeared him to Nicki Minaj, causing her to shoot in a public setting.

Margot Robbie receives the very same kind of treatment, albeit with increased pressure to “perform” her sexuality in front of the camera, due to her concessions as a femme fatale in the stated realm of cinema. When infatuated fans of both Robbie and Jordan gathered to see them joined together on the cover of W Magazine, the router froze for just a second. Both actors spoke to W Magazine with a special focus on their experience shooting scenes while “basically naked.”

“Honestly, for me, as Harley at least, the more skin showing the longer it takes in hair and makeup ’cause she’s got, you know, white skin and a million tattoos,” Robbie told W. “So if anything outside, God, the scenes where I don’t even have the jacket on, that’s an extra 20 minutes in the makeup trailer.”

Michael B. Jordan made reference to his acting in a skintight leotard with the focus on his Black Panther and Creed experiences.”Yeah, same here. Killmonger, all the scars and stuff like that, the makeup, it took a long time to put the prosthetics on,” Jordan added in agreement with Robbie on the basis of filming “naked.” Michael B. Jordan then pretended to be a full-on Naturist at the thought of his words being transcribed.



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