Meek Mill’s Lawyer Speaks Out On Corrupt Cop Involved In Meek’s Case

Meek Mill’s lawyer discusses the injustice that Meek is currently facing with corrupt cops in Philadelphia.

We recently sat down with Joe Tacopina to discuss his client, Meek Mill’s current legal situation and the corruption we have heard about regarding Philadelphia police. The Meek Mill trial has had some new developments recently as one of the policemen testifying against Meek was found to be on a list of “corrupt cops” in Philly. Meek’s legal team is using this as the basis to file a petition for the immediate release of the rapper and the start of a new trial. We caught up with Meek’s lawyer to clear up any confusion surrounding the recent news and talk about the current situation.


Tacopina explains that the secret list, compiled by the preceding district attorney’s office of Philadelphia, contains names of police officers who have committed perjury by lying on the witness stand or have been improper in their arrests. Meek’s lawyer continues, saying “When you’re in the justice system and you have the power of the district attorney’s office, you have to present all the evidence: good, bad or indifferent. You can’t hide the [proof] and prevent defense lawyers from understanding that perhaps the officer that was the linchpin to your client’s case is somehow corrupt.”

Tacopina has a strong point in his comments, as his team claims that Meek Mill did not point a gun at anybody during his arrest or possess any drugs at the time. Meek was beaten senseless following his arrest, unjustly according to the lawyer. This is only part one of our interview with Meek’s lawyer. Stay tuned for more as the story continues to develop.


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