Lil Yachty Claps Back At Twitter User Accusing Him Of Wearing A “Fake Ass” Watch

Yachty don’t play.

On Christmas day, Lil Yachty gifted his whole team, AKA the Sailing Team, with Rolexes. He bought female rapper Kodie Shane, as well as Jbans, Earl the Pearll, BigBruthaChubba, TheGoodPerry, Erron Vercetti and Byou each their very own sparkling wrist accessory.
Since then, a Twitter user shared a screenshot from Yachty’s SnapChat, where the rapper is showing off one of his watches. The user captions the photo saying, “Rappers gotta stop buying shit blindly. This is a fake ass Oyster covered in diamonds. My god.”

Yachty replies to the user saying:

He then follows up by telling @SanzonSmitty that the watch is in fact, “presidential, not oyster.”

That seems to the end of the Twitter exchange, but not too long after Yachty sends out a message that’s seemingly aimed at the user who tried to call him out.



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