Lil Xan Responds To Father’s Criticism Amid Tupac Drama

Don’t expect Lil Xan and Father to be collaborating anytime soon.

Lil Xan has been runner-up to only Tekashi 6ix9ine as the leading heat magnet among new school rappers in the last few weeks. After negatively rating Tupac’s clout level during an interview earlier this month, artists and fans alike took aim at Diego, with Waka Flocka going as far as banning him from hip-hop. One name that chimed in on the situation was Father, who tweeted in response to Xan needing a police escort to escape a mob of twenty angry Pac fans. Diego said on an Instagram live-stream that he is not a gangbanging rapper and he wasn’t exactly interested in getting jumped by a large group when he didn’t have security.

Father jumped in, tweeting, “Damn, nigga you might’ve been better off gettin stomped out than droppin this soft ass video lol.” The Awful Records artist’s mentions were flooded with fans defending the young rapper until Xan decided to take matters into his own hands. Diego posted a screencap of Father’s tweet on Instagram, writing that he grew up thinking that Father and his Atlanta crew were the dopest things in hip-hop. While it has upset him that an artist he has been heavily influenced by is trashing him, Xan notes that it’s all love, ending his message on a positive note in the since-deleted post.

Xan recently mentioned that the situation has been pushing him to dark mental state and giving him a high level of anxiety. His debut album Total Xanarchy is expected to release on April 6.

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