Lil Xan Performs Tupac’s “California Love” During Pomona Concert

Lil Xan continues to backtrack on his Tupac comments.

Lil Xan’s been doing his best to backtrack on his 2Pac comments recently. The “Betrayed” rapper has claimed that the “media twisted his words” and said that “Tupac is definitely a legend.” Even with the clarification, people are still getting at Xan’s neck over his comments including Father, someone Xan has claimed he looked up to, and Rich Homie Quan who dubed him the “wackest in the game.” In more recent efforts, the rapper decided to perform a classic 2Pac hit in front of his fans in Pomona, California.

Lil Xan’s latest attempt to clear up his comments on 2Pac happened during his concert in Pomona, California when he performed 2Pac and Dr. Dre’s west coast classic, “California Love” in front of the audience. From the clip that surfaced, the rapper didn’t actually sing a lot to any of the words and some people on the Internet claimed he didn’t know the lyrics (which is believable).



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