Lil Pump Says He Has The Best Lawyers On The Planet To Beat Firearms Charge

Lil Pump says he’s on house arrest.

Earlier today, news broke out that Lil Pump was arrested after letting off a gun shot in his apartment that pierced through the door. He and his team claimed that someone was trying to break into his apartment and that the shots actually came from the outside coming in. However, police didn’t buy that and sent him to a juvenile detention hall. It looks like he’s now released but has an ankle monitor on.

TMZ caught Lil Pump as he was walking out of the Sylmar Juvenile Court. Obviously, he wasn’t really able to speak on the incident on camera but he did reveal that he has some great lawyers helping him out to beat the charge.

“Aye man, we got rich lawyers. Real lawyers. The best lawyers in the planet,” he said to the camera.

In between yelling out his favorite ad-lib, he also proudly showed off his ankle bracelet. “Aye, listen. See my ankle?” He asked as he showed off his ankle bracelet before breaking into the tune of “Gucci Gang” but replacing it with the words “house arrest.”


Despite his current legal issues, he didn’t seem too fazed about the whole scenario. Instead, he was still in good spirits as he hopped inside the backseat of the vehicle.

Now that he’s on house arrest, it’s unsure if this will effect his ability to record music. The rapper recently announced his Harvard Dropout mixtape which is the follow up to his self-titled debut he released in October. In addition, he also has plans to release a joint mixtape with Lil Yachty.

Peep the video below.


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