Lil Pump Raps That He’s “The New Bob Dylan” In Freestyle

Is Lil Pump the Bob Dylan of this generation?

Lil Pump has been buzzing for the last year, capitalizing on the tremendous success of “Gucci Gang” and becoming one of the youth’s go-to rappers. His growth has been substantial, crafting a sound that is synonymous with “SoundCloud rap.” Fresh off his announcement of a new record deal worth $8 million for a singular project, Pump is back on the writing grind, likely preparing a list of tracks to be included on his upcoming Harvard Dropout tape. In one of the boldest comments of the day, Lil Pump freestyled a hook saying that he is “the new Bob Dylan,” spitting 4 bars on his Instagram story for his fans to enjoy.


The statement is audacious as Bob Dylan is considered a legend in music. While Pump has just begun his musical career, he may end up with a legacy as strong as Bob Dylan but the comparison is odd at this point in his life. We can’t lie though, his flow is hard in the freestyle and we are kind of wishing for this to drop on the mixtape. Jetski has been teasing flows on his social media accounts, also rhyming about his new record deal shortly after it was announced.

What do you think about Pump’s brash claims that he’s the new Bob Dylan? Do you think he has a chance to ever cement a legacy as strong as “the voice of a generation?”



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