Lawyer of XXXTentacion’s Murder Suspect Plans to Depose Late Rapper’s Mom and Girlfriend

Lawyer of XXXTentacion's Murder Suspect Plans to Depose Late Rapper's Mom and Girlfriend

Lawyer of ’s Murder Suspect Plans to Depose Late Rapper’s Mom and Girlfriend

One of the men charged with the murder of intends to subject X’s mother, Cleopatra Bernard, and the mother of X’s son, Jenesis Sanchez, to a deposition.

According to XXL, Michael Boatwright’s legal team will use depositions from Bernard and Sanchez for his defense. Sanchez and X share a son together, Gekyume Onfroy, who was born after his murder.

In addition to his family, Boatwright will depose X’s friend, Leonard Kerr, who was with him when he was murdered in the parking lot of Riva Motorsports. There are currently no details on how these depositions will be used to help Boatwright’s case, but XXL did report that they will take place on Sept. 10.


This news follows reports that Boatwright’s lawyers requested to depose Scott Barbieux. Barbieux is believed to be the man that filmed X after he was robbed and shot.

Boatwright along with Dedrick Williams, Trayvon Newsom, and Robert Allen were charged with first degree murder for their alleged hand in killing XXXTentacion. The prosecution believes the 22-year-old Boatwright was the trigger man in the incident. Per a warrant filed in Boatwright’s case, Williams was the driver of the SUV used to flee the scene. When questioned by the police, Williams claims that he did not know Boatwright and the other suspects were going to rob the rapper prior to going to the Riva Motorsports motorcycle shop on June 18, 2018.


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