You always hear about people who go to extensive lengths with plastic surgery, spending thousands of dollars to achieve somebody else’s look. There’s the woman who spent tons of dough to look like a human Barbie but what happened to her? You rarely hear about these people after they initially gain fame in the 15-minute format. Jennifer Pamplona is a 26-year-old who has spent over $500K to look like Kim Kardashian. She’s had nearly everything on her body touched up so that she can resemble the reality TV star, including her breasts. Pamploma originally had silicone implants inserted to give her a 34D bust but she recently learned that she’ll need to get them removed after one of them exploded.


That’s right. Jennifer Pamplona is back in the news after one of her implants exploded, leading her to head to the doctor’s office to have it removed. According to The Sun, the former Versace model suffered a tear in her right implant, which left her in severe pain for two years. She will have surgery in February to remove the implant.

Pamplona has gone to extreme lengths to achieve what she would consider a “perfect” body type. She’s had six ribs removed and has had six pints of fat injected into her butt. Pamplona doesn’t plan on replacing the implants once they’re removed, saying, “I think after I have the implant removed, I will not have another, I don’t want the risk it. I believe the implant was too big for my size; it was 400cc which is so big.”