Kemi Olunloyo is a convicted criminal in Georgia – Segalink

Just days after Kemi Oluloyo said she was going to reveal some of Segalink’s secrets, he has come out to say she is a convicted criminal in Georgia.

Segalink took to his Twitter page to write that he got her full dossier in crime and felony cases.

See what he wrote below;

Interestingly I was chatting up with a friend I met at a security summit with some Isreali contacts. Someone from the Sheriff’s office in Newton Georgia was with him. We were discussing Police reforms in Nigeria & he took me through their public database. Very interesting find…

Kemi Olunloyo is not just an Ex-Convict in Nigeria, she is a recidivist even in Newton County in the State of Georgia, with felony warrants all over the place. She kept jumping bail since 2006. Little wonder she can’t get a VISA to anywhere. She’s stuck in Nigeria. #Pray4Kemi

I got her full dossier in Crime and felony cases. I will share with the police so they keep her on a watchlist for all our sakes.

It is the duty of the @PoliceNG to protect the citizenry from threats and malicious attacks by recidivists. @KemiOlunloyo @HNNAfrica is a known threat in Canada and the State of Georgia with warrants and convictions everywhere. Do the needful. Sanitize the space.


There is no criminal with such a record that deserves to roam even in lawless Nigeria. Using twitter handles to blackmail people and spreading falsehood countravenes the Cybercrime Act. Cyber bullying by recidivists must be discouraged. Get this criminal sedated. @PoliceNGLagos

Just in case you have a reason to doubt this, look up the sheriff in newton county Georgia. Hit the link called outstanding warrants or search for outstanding warrants in Newton County in Georgia. Enter Kemi Olunnloyo and you will be inundated with her felony cases. #QED

See Tweet below;


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