Kanye West’s Desiigner Assisted “Pt. 2” Goes Platinum

Years later, Kanye West’s “The Life Of Pablo” is proven to have longevity.

Nearly two years after The Life Of Pablo dropped, it has continued to prove itself a worthwhile investment to principal shareholder Kanye West. As his eighth platinum album, it was only a matter of time before one of the tracks followed suit. It took a little time, but patience is, after all, a virtue. Now, “Pt. 2” has emerged at the forefront, making its mark as the project’s first single to hit platinum status, beating out “Famous,” controversial video and all.

If it’s been a minute and you need a refresher on Pablo, “Pt 2” features a strong interpolation of Desiigner’s “Panda,” in which broads in Atlanta are the well-deserved focus. Despite the intensity of the instrumental, Kanye provides a welcome dose of character development, reflecting on some of the more traumatizing moments of his life; the passing of his mother Donda, as well as the car crash that simultaneously left his jaw wired shut and birthed “Through The Wire.” “Pt 2.” finds itself bridging the generational gap between old and new Kanye with an unexpected efficacy.

Congrats to Kanye West for another W in an already stacked win column. A colleague and I have been debating on whether or not Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo is a triumphant record or a tragic one, with myself falling in the latter camp. At the very least, the subject matter is open for interpretation, but that’s a discussion for another day. Although, one might make conclusions at their own risk, as Kanye has already set a precedent of changing the narrative as he sees fit. Living album indeed.




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