Kanye West & Kim Almost Shunned For Being Late To Chance The Rapper’s Wedding

Kanye West & Kim Almost Shunned For Being Late To Chance The Rapper's Wedding

& Kim Almost Shunned For Being Late To ’s Wedding

and were two of the stars invited to ’s wedding this weekend, exchanging vows with Kirsten Corley. Chance shared a loving message to his wife on Instagram prior to the ceremony, also introducing themselves as the Bennetts post-wedding. Dave Chappelle, Kirk Franklin, and others were in attendance but unfortunately for Kimye, the power couple did not get to see the newlyweds from up close the entire time.

According to Daily Mail, Kanye and Kim were late to the wedding, showing up when Chano and Kirsten were already facing each other on the stand. In order to not disrupt the proceedings, they were asked to stand back for a while before being quietly escorted to their seats. They were accompanied by a bodyguard as they waited behind, watching the ceremony from afar.



When they did make it close to Chance and Kirsten, Kanye was seen at times on his phone, likely doing business. Things do not stop in the world of the Wests. No breaks are allowed — even for your friend’s wedding. Chance did not appear to be too bothered, posting a photo with his mentor on social media afterwards.

According to a source, the couple was happy to witness Chance and Kirsten get married. “It looked like they were very happy to be there and to see their friend get married. They both never stopped smiling,” said the source. Congratulations to the newlyweds!


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