Kanye West ‘Horrible’ Quarantine Haircut Goes Viral – Twitter Calls It ‘Bowl Cut’!!

Kanye West 'Horrible' Quarantine Haircut Goes Viral

hitnaija.com – has a new summertime hairdo, that he got during the quarantine. And MTO News has learned that so far his fans seem to hate it.

Kanye was spotted rocking a super short “fade” when he got back from a family trip with wife Kim Kardashian to their Wyoming ranch.

The rapper-designer was photographed on July 1 sporting a fresh new hairstyle, as well as a blue face mask while outside of the Van Nuys Airport, where he hopped off a private jet.

He took the face protection off to take a phone call, and his new short face was on display. The 43-year-old has been wearing his hair in a trimmed down style for months, but now he’s had his hair shaved all around his head from several inches above his ears.

But we can’t really call it a “fade”, because the haircut doesn’t ease into the transition.



Kanye West

'Horrible' Quarantine Haircut Goes Viral


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