K. Michelle Puts SZA On Blast For “The Weekend” Lyrics

K. Michelle claims to love SZA but one of the songs found on CTRL has clearly upset her. Solana’s “The Weekend” doesn’t sit right with the Memphis singer. The concept of the song, which acts as a kind of celebration of mistresses, is upsetting to her. Since the Love & Hip Hop star is not one to bite her tongue, K. Michelle gladly vented about the lyrics on social media.

She hopped on Twitter to declare her dislike. ” Every time I hear SZA weekend I get pissed off. I’ll beat a bitch badly on that shit,” she wrote. This should not be misunderstood as a threat towards SZA herself, but rather the side-chick she embodies in her track. “I can’t even sing along i’m just not made like that,” she continues. K. Michelle acknowledged the TDE artist’s talent after doubling down on her statement. “I’ll beat your ass every weekend. She’s an awesome artist, but that song be F*CKin wit me.”
Some social media users pointed out that one of her songs seems to flow along the same lines but Michelle made sure to shut those claims down. ” Love’em all isn’t about Loving someone else’s man. You obviously didn’t listen to the lyrics.”