Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Are Apparently Headed To “Christian Couples Therapy”

Another day, another drama.

According to TMZ, the reason behind Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s need for couple’s therapy has sprung from Justin seeking out communication with ex-girlfriend Hailey Baldwin. Sources close to the Hillsong Church note how the “Sorry” crooner has been recently trying to make amends with his past as a part of his new rededication to his faith and centre himself.
It has been noted that Justin recently reached out to Hailey Baldwin as a way to clear the air over their past relationship and eventual breakup. Bieber has been trying to be as honest and open as he can with Gomez, which allegedly lead him to reveal to her the conversation he had with Baldwin as a burying a hatchet and moving forward in a positive way.

However, Gomez wasn’t thrilled with the news that the Bieber and Baldwin were talking again. The two have reportedly sought out couples therapy as a way of professionally smoothing out the kinks in their recently rekindled relationship.

As previously reported, Bieber and Gomez’s time in Christian couples therapy, which may or may not be a cause of his reaching out to Baldwin, was the reason Gomez’s mother was hospitalized earlier this week.
Fans of Bieber will notice the singer has been posting words of religious wisdom on his social media recently, hinting at the source of his newfound “woke” self which has lead him on this honest and open path to redemption.




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