Judge Lets Cuban Doll Off For Packing Heat In Los Angeles With Kodak Black


Rapper Cuban Doll is getting some good news to start off the new year.

Cuban Doll ran into some problems last month, while she was hanging out with in Los Angeles.

They were leaving a party when the police detained Kodak, Cuban Doll and their respective entourages.

When police searched a purse in a car, they found a loaded gun along with Cuban Doll’s ID in it.


Cuban Doll was arrested for possession of a weapon, but she caught a break late last week.

The D.A. has decided not to pursue the gun charges against Cuban Doll since no one in the vehicle ever claimed responsibility for owning the purse.

According to The Blast, the D.A. felt they did not have enough evidence to take the case to trial so all the charges were dismissed.

That is good news for Cuban Doll, who was plastered all over the net last month after rap star revealed he wanted to have a threesome with her.

However Cuban Doll denied any involvement with or his alleged mistress Summer Bunny, but the lustful claims still led to The Break-Up of ’s marriage to .