Jordan Peele Recalls Chance The Rapper Losing It At “Get Out” Screening

Chance was really, really into the film.

Jordan Peele’s Get Out has elevated the former television star into the hierarchy of the film world, having been nominated for major awards and showered with praise from critics. Watching the film for the first time is an experience in-and-of itself, as its slow-burning creepiness eventually transpires into one hell-of-a climax, getting the viewers’ emotions riled up in the process.

While attending last night’s African-American Film Critics Association Awards, Peele took to the podium to recall some of the most memorable audience reactions he’s either been told of or witnessed himself during a film screening for Get Out. The director recounts a specific scene within the film that left an indelible impression on people who have watched the thriller, which is the revelation of Allison Williams’ character’s proposed bisexuality through photographic evidence.


However, the director recounts another unforgettable audience moment involving Chance the Rapper and a group of his cohorts attending an in-theatre presentation of the film. Peele vividly recalls how his “favourite reaction was, in one of the screenings Chance the Rapper was there, he was there with some of his friends,” noting how “here’s so much tension in the movie, so much stress to put the audience through. By the time he [Daniel Kaluuya] starts getting out, it’s cathartic. When he gores Bradley Whitford with those antlers, Chance and his friends just stood up, just ‘Oh!’ They stood for the rest of the film.”

Peep the video below of his recollection below:


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