Joe Budden Handover Intricate Theory On Drake’s Subliminal Kanye West Disses

Joe Budden Handover Intricate Theory On Drake’s Subliminal Kanye West Disses

Joe Budden has been known to wear many hats, with “conspiracy theory Joe” being a favorite recurring character. Though the game has been notably light on Joe since his year-long stint on Everyday Struggle, fans can still catch up with the rapper turned pundit on his eponymous Podcast.

Though Budden has previously spent time cocking the blunderbuss in Drake’s general direction, Joe has since retained a respectable sense of objectivity. Professing himself a proud Drake fan, Joe’s consistently been firm yet fair on the topic of Aubrey’s musical output.

Joe reflects on how “The Story Of Adidon” clearly rattled the OVO camp to an extent, and upon marathoning Scorpion a few times, Joe since managed to weave together a close reading depicting Drake’s perspective. In fact, his theory is so powerful, it apparently has him “receiving the album differently” than most people. He proceeds to break it down like so:

“I think that Drake was somewhere with Kanye. I think they were talking about stuff, as they were working. I think that Drake probably let Kanye hear a good amount of what he was working on, because that’s what artists do. I think that this is while his June date is announced. He never said June-what, he always just said June. I think he then left Kanye, and I think when he went back to Kanye, there was a whole bunch of people around. Room full of rappers. I think when he went back to Kanye, Kanye had his whole June rollout planned.


I think that everything Kanye has done in the past month with that bullshit, was totally centered around whatever information he got from Drake before he departed. I think when Drake left the second time, that’s when a diss record came out – Drake’s “Duppy” freestyle.”

Budden proceeds to acknowledge that he’s merely providing guesswork, but the gumshoe work doesn’t stop there. He seems to think that his narrative explains the Kanye West shade on “Duppy,” as well as the rumored animosity and “career-ending” nature of the shelved “Adidon” response. Joe claims that the evidence is all there, lying dormant on Scorpion. Case in point, Joe affirmed his ideas by sliding into Drake’s DMs for a confirmation.

Citing “8 Out Of 10” as the main source of information, Joe breaks it down. He believes that the second verse of “8 Out Of 10” matches perfectly with the first verse of “Emotionless,” leading Joe to believe it was originally “that song,” broken up. In the following clip, Joe proceeds to go line by line, providing analysis into why every line may actually be directed at Kanye and or Push.

Peep the entire video below, and sound off. Love him or hate him, Joe Budden remains articulate in his analysis, and it’s hard to argue with some of his points.


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