Joe Budden Clowns Eminem's Latest Bars Or Was He Set Up

Joe Budden Clowns Eminem’s Latest Bars? Or Was He Set Up?

Boogie is the latest rapper to join the Shady Records roster and he has the support of Eminem. Boogie is dope! He’s been around for a few years too…that I have noticed. Boogie recently dropped an album and he’s getting accolades all over the place. Eminem is on it too, but is Em helping or hurting the young rapper’s effort. Anyway, let me know pretend what I am here for. People are saying the Eminem verse is weak and guess who is leading the charge…? JOE BUDDEN! I never even heard the damn thing until Joe said what he said.

So first things first, here is the song.

And, secondly here is what Joe and crew said about the Eminem verse.

Rory and Mal really lead the conversation and guided Joe to the conversation, but it was a diss nevertheless due to all the laughter. Joe tries to avoid the convo, but ultimately fails, falling in a vat of laughter.

Maybe this will help get Joe back in the booth?

On another note, Budden got into it with a security guard at a hospital. People are making a big deal out of this, but I think its pretty small.



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