Joe Budden & Charlamagne Tha God Dissed By Burberry Perry Over Year-End Special

Burberry Perry has some choice words for both Joe Budden and Charlamagne Tha God.

If Joe Budden and Charlamagne Tha God intended to end their calendar years with a bang, it seems like it’s pretty much mission accomplished so far.

The controversial media hosts came under fire yesterday, at the hands of Azealia Banks, for their comments about Nicki Minaj’s year in music, which culminated in Budden calling her “trash.” Banks was outraged, saying that the dour nature of the segment as a whole made her “sick” and that Budden and Charlamagne, both controversial media hosts in their own rights, had no business narrating any sort of female rapper story.
Now, both men are under attack from another rap entity, this time from the Soundcloud side of things. Burberry Perry, an up-and-coming emcee who’s already made some waves on the digital streaming platform, raking in hundreds of thousands of spins for his 2017 EP Bedtime Stories, had some choice words for both veteran stars concerning their year-end special overall. Apparently, he doesn’t think they’re super qualified music and/or culture critics:

Referring to Budden and Charlamagne as “2 old ass n***as in biker jeans,” Perry dissed their abilities to discern what was dope or trash in music, based on the fact that they thought Frank Ocean’s most recent project, blonde, wasn’t good. In the young rapper’s mind, it was an incredulous oversight that won’t allow for their opinions to be taken seriously, either together or separately.Feelings about that particular Ocean project aside, this seems to be another case of “old heads” versus “new heads,” showcasing that the divide between the older generation and “the next ones” who might want to take up a leadership mantle has never been so pronounced.


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