Jazmine Sullivan’s Drop A Snippet Ahead Of ‘Heaux Tales’ Deluxe

Jazmine Sullivan

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, Jazmine Sullivan will release the highly-anticipated deluxe edition of her 2021 Grammy-nominated album, Heaux Tales. 

Though Sullivan has not announced which new tracks and tales fans will get on Heaux Tales, Mo’ Tales: The Deluxe, she did release a first listen for one new track entitled, “Mona’s Tale.” From the viral sensation behind the “Why You Being Weird To Me?” Mona unapologetically brags about how great her box is.

“It’s not a soul out here that had this p***y that is not gonna say that he didn’t thoroughly enjoy it. I f**k for sport. I f**k like it’s being taped. No for real, hear me. Women just lay, look pretty. I give sweat, hump, pelvic thrust. I’m giving Bobby Brown because I want you to remember how good this p***y is. Like, I want to f**k your head up. I want you to miss me,” she boasted.


Previously, Sullivan teased her own heaux tale called “Jazzy’s Tale” that spoke to the need for validation especially while growing up and feeling undesired.

“I just didn’t want to be alone. Growing up a brown-skin girl, a fat girl, essentially growing up feeling undesirable, when you get older and you have a man there that desires you, it validated me. It made me feel good about myself,” she shared. “Therefore, the content that the validation brought me was worth the actual pain that the relationship eventually brought me. It’s a sad thing.”

Heaux Tales, Mo’ Tales: The Deluxe is slated for release on Friday, Feb. 11.


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