Jaden Smith Explains Why He Can’t Hang With Drake, Kanye West & Donald Glover Anymore

Jaden Smith is no longer the “Little Homie.”

Jaden Smith is only 19-years-old but he’s accomplished some major success with his short time on Earth. Of course, it helps that his father is Will Smith and his mother is Jada Pinkett Smith, but he’s without a doubt reached his own milestones by his own kind of genius. Jaden and his father have linked up for a few films together that questioned if he too would pursue the acting thing fully, but with his latest album SYRE and the previous announcement that more is coming, it’s clear that music is his favorite lane.

The “ICON” rapper chopped it up with Complex, where he explained how he was once looked at as the “Little Homie” by Kanye West, Drake and Donald Glover, but after his music was sitting on the same charts as them, he was no longer an innocent member of their crew but rather competition.


“It’s more like, ‘You can’t hang out with us anymore. We didn’t know you were making an album this whole time. We thought you were just Little Homie giving us free water and shit. You’re not really cool with us anymore,’” he said.

Jaden touched on the current state of hip-hop and shared his opinion on what propelled the genre to the top. “I feel like it’s the history that has led us to this domination of music. I wonder all the time,” he explained. “If you look at the top charts of streaming platforms—which really determines who’s listening to what—the top 10 is always rap music. It’s crazy and I really don’t know why. I honestly do not know why. I like all types of music. Even though rap music is 80 percent of what I listen to, it’s not the only thing I listen to.”

As for the future of Soundcloud rap, he said the platform is “confused” but “if they stick around people will still use it because people love some off-kilter shit.”


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