Iggy Azalea Needs Men To Last Longer In The Sack

Iggy Azalea’s breaks it down for anyone curious as to how she yearns for in men.

Iggy Azalea, looking every bit the part of a silver vixen, seemed pleasantly occupied by the crowd forming around her in New York yesterday. The marquee moment, captured by paparazzi, involved a young boy marching to the head of the line to present Iggy with a red rose. This single gesture although clichéd to nausea, looks to have been a bright spot in her day and simply put, kids get away with anything through their innocence.


The rapper who has been toying with the single life since her split with Golden State Warrior Nick Young, himself a juvenile at heart, has probably seen her standards for grown men take a nosedive. The record states that she was once wooed in spite of his naivety. Young hearts run free.

During her visit to New York, she found time visit MTV’s TRL, she was asked to share her “fair” sexual expectations to which she responded that she needed men to last a little longer.

“I think you should make it last longer than the radio edit of the song,”

Hopefully her subliminal reaches the individuals to whom it may concern.




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