Holar Shuga: Young girl gang raped by 5 guys dispel death rumors

young Nigerian girl, Holar Shuga who was gang-raped by 5 guys in Lagos in viral video, has released a new video to dispel death rumors.

The young lady who was gang-raped and filmed by 5 young men in Lagos, after which they shared the video online, has released a new video to dispel rumours that she’s dead.

The girl who goes by HoLar Shugar is trying to get her life back after the very horrific incident she suffered. To do so, she had to create a new Instagram account and explained that she did so because she was getting shamed for the rape on her other page. But, some mischief makers began circulating the news that she is dead and her photo was edited with RIP written on it.


In a new video, Holar warned those announcing her death to desist from doing such. She said;
The rape survivor said:

Good evening everybody. Good evening world.

This is Holar Shugar. I’m not dead. I’m not dead. I don’t know, this human being and their wahala. They already did the first sh*t. Fine. And they’re still posting RIP.

I’m not dead and I cannot die. Why will you be wishing me death.

Anybody that wishes me death, the person and his family is going to die.

Watch the video below;







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