Death Is Starting To Settle In On : As today denotes the official dedication administration of HHP otherwise known as Jabulani Tsambo, his nearby industry companions all accumulated at the Metro FM studios amid the Fresh Breakfast show to share their fondest memory of the late rapper.

Any semblance of Maxhoba Tasman and Tuks were altogether allowed to talk about the first run through and the last time they addressed Jabba, nonetheless, the most troublesome individual to tune in to was .

A week ago, Cassper made reference to how HHP’s passing had not soaked in yet and that he felt this was all only an awful dream, nonetheless, amid the meeting, it’s just as the majority of his feelings came surging in on the double and that the truth of HHP’s demise had now at last settled in.

“Despite everything i’m similar to in a fantasy, it hasn’t hit me yet however I’m beginning to warm up to this may be valid. I haven’t cried, I haven’t been to the house, it resembles I’m fleeing, I don’t have a clue. The entertaining thing is, I’ve never encountered this yet I cried in a fantasy and I woke up with a wet cushion, so I don’t know whether it was sweat or on the off chance that I truly cried.”HHP-Death-Is-Starting-To-Settle-In-On-Cassper-1-1-300x289

Cassper included that the last time he saw HHP was three weeks prior at a Pop Bottles occasion, Cassper likewise included that amid that experience HHP had made reference to that Cassper had disregarded him however Cassper clarified that, that was not the case and that he had connected with the late rapper by means of content which HHP didn’t get.

“As recorded, me and Jabba had like a major drop out and I’m happy that I could hold my feelings and not communicate out in the open, ’cause there’s no video of me reacting to how Jabba felt or whatever he said in regards to me. After the majority of that, we began talking gradually and it was still downright terrible however my last experience was at pop jugs three weeks back and I let him know ‘no man I sent you this content and you didn’t answer’ and after Pro’s passing I thought, ‘man life is so short and I simply need to improve things with my sibling.’ So I send him the content and he was disclosing to me he didn’t see the content. So there’s a video of me demonstrating to him the content.”


Cassper additionally said that amid that last time they spoke,HHP continued saying he adores him.

“He continued saying I adore you arbitrarily, while we were talking he would state ‘ja mara ke a go rata Nyovest’ and look at me without flinching. But since he was such a marvelous individual it didn’t appear to be bizarre or unbalanced, he had a considerable measure of minutes where you truly didn’t figure or comprehend why he did that. He at that point requesting that I implore before we went separate ways and that is the image that turned out, that is the last time I saw him and addressed him.” said Cassper.

Now of the meeting, Cassper’s voice was exceptionally flimsy and the individuals who had tuned into the show communicated how disheartened they were to hear Cassper.


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