Here Are Twitter’s Best Reactions To Bow Wow’s Claim of Dating Kim Kardashian

Let Shad live.

Bow Wow can’t catch a break.

It was on Friday that the man known as Shad Moss found himself in headlines yet again after revealing that he once secretly dated Kim Kardashian in the era that preceded Reggie Bush, stating that he kept the relationship under wraps because of his race out of fear of what his fans would think.
This isn’t the first time that one of Bow Wow’s claims has been the source of the wrong kind of attention. You’ll recall the rapper and actor’s previous fumbles on the internet when he filmed himself attempting to dodge a group of students on a field trip who had yet to realize that they were in his presence and, of course, the notorious Bow Wow Challenge that stemmed from Moss putting up a social media post indicating that he was on a private jet before a user would post his own photo, revealing that Bow Wow was, in fact, flying commercial in the seat next to him.

When Bow Wow made his latest revelation, the Internet did what it does best in sounding off on the situation. While some hurried to his rescue, soundly explaining that such a story isn’t as far-fetched as many may deem it to be, the vast majority of users decided to clown the Platinum-selling recording artist instead, and the results was ridiculous.


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