Gucci Mane Celebrates Anniversary Of “First Street Hit”

Gucci Mane takes a minute to remember his humble beginnings.

New Gucci Mane took a minute to remember Gucci of old, welcoming us aboard a tour that even predates our earliest encounter with the artist. The Instagram post which has now been viewed in the hundreds of thousands, is an audio snippet of his favorite song off his first album.

In 2001, fresh off a commuted jail sentence, Gucci in collaboration with Str8 Drop Records, dropped his first album La Flare. Anybody that claims to have been privy to this information, are likely lying to your face. The album, a rare sight, was pressed up to one thousand copies initially, and has since been reissued in 2010.


To his credit , Gucci has stayed relatively true to himself over the course of nearly two decades. A few of those years are fairly undocumented, and in the coming years they will surely be a point of interest for hardcore fans. Gucci is now 38, a far cry from his 21 year old self, but shows no signs of slowing down.

Peep his recent appearance on Ralo’s Lamborghini Music.


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